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datec_winkelrekken_compositieFrom supermarket to garden centers and also DIY stores, each type of retail store requires shop shelves. One of the pioneers in this market was Tegometall. Since their patent is not expired other manufactures can now make 100% compatible materials.

A patent gives the inventor an exclusive right to exploit his invention for a set period.  After that period this exclusive right is abandoned and can everybody copy or use the product freely and even implement it in their production process. And this is how the story went with Tegometall as well, who has been the reference in shop shelving for over 40 years. Their products have been tested and approved by thousands of garden centers, DIY-stores and clothing stores. You’ll find Tegometall in almost every branch of retail shops. And this is a major benefit for EasyRack.

EasyRack is the Belgium distributor for DATEC shop shelves.
These are 100% compatible with the existing Tegometall shop shelves, and can as such easily be merged. In many aspects they are even better in comparison with the originals. For example, the reverse side of back panel is not ‘nebulized” but really sprayed. And that’s a difference you notice immediately. But the major difference with the original is of course the price. The price is by average 30% lower. And that is something you notice immediately when installing your store, seen the cost of your shop shelves represents one of the most significant parts of your budget. This way it is very easy to save a substantial amount, but without having to give in on quality.

DATEC is in first instance a manufacturer of Tegometall compatible shop shelves, in particular in parts as uprights, baselegs, shelves, etc.. But in case you might have a request for a substantial amount of non-standard parts, do not hesitate to contact us for an offer. We will investigate this and try to offer you the requested at ‘DATEC tariffs.  In a similar scenario we had a customer, specialized in fixing materials in Melle, who has saved 15% on an order of 12 pallets. Good for EasyRack, but of course also beneficial for the customer !

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