Can I collect my order?

Yes you can, give us a call to confirm when you will be collecting your goods and we’ll prepare it at our warehouse (EasyRack stock, Drieselstraat 150 (warehouse C), 9041 Oostakker)

How can I pay for my order?

We’re using OGONE ( on our site which allows you to pay quick and safe using a variety of bank cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Bankcontact/Mistercash, Maesto, iDeal and home banking for Dexia, ING and KBC).

If you wish you can also pay by electronic bank transfer, then we mail you the order acknowledgement. After we have received you payment the goods will be shipped to your delivery address. Checks are accepted if they are issues by your bank, the so called bank check.

Regular customer can contact us for a 30 payment term.

Can the goods be shipped to a different address then the invoice address?

Yes, provide us your desired delivery address and we ship the goods to that address.

Delivery (in Belgium)
Orders > €2250 are delivered free of charge.
Orders < €2250 are charged as follow: 
-    €65/standard pallet (120cm*80cm)
-    €89/non-standard pallet (>120cm*80cm) eg. Uprights
-    €35/parcel (max size 40cm*60cm*30cm)

Goods are offered unloaded from the truck.
Goods are normally delivered within 5 working days after you have placed your offer.

Are all parts in stock?

Everything that’s on the pricelist can be delivered immediately, even in large quantities. This is guaranteed by our main warehouse (Netherlands). In order to warrant the continuity of the orders there is a minimum stock of 100 pallets in our Belgium warehouse in Oostakker.
For non-standard goods please foresee a 6-10weeks delivery period. 

Do I need to pay tax?

Yes, 21%TVA is payable on goods and eventual delivery charges.
 Intra-Community supplies are exempt from VAT under Article 39a.

Used Racks
Ask about our stock of second-hand racks!