Amazone, Lingerie and swimwear for the entire family

AmazoneSince 1985 I have a store in lingerie, corsetry and swimwear and last year we decided to do a total makeover of the store. We started to look for a one-stop supplier for shelving and storage. Shelving with a smart appearance, solid and low maintenance, and of course affordable.

This seemed mission impossible until I did come across Easyrack. Niek came along, measured everything and listened to our requirements. A couple 


of days later he returned with a proposal and some interesting suggestions we could implement. He proposed shelving and dimensions we hadn’t thought of.

Easyrack could guarantee a quick delivery and took care of the installation. They now represent a real added value for our store concept!

Karla Houtman (zaakvoerder)

Eurotuin, where ideas flourish

boeket van eurotuin

We really tested Easyrack with our new store in Ophasselt. We knew Niek already from his previous career as store and warehouse organizer. But seen that now Easyrack would only supply shop shelving me needed to compare with market value.  And we were positively surprised with the Easyrack offer.

Not only could they provide the best price, in addition we could count on an excellent service. We did not only request the principal delivery within 2 weeks, but regularly requested smaller order with 24h delivery, special size of data stripes, reinforced materials, mounting assistance, store signing with large images and customer accompaniment …

As you can see a lot of extra side activity to get our store ready for big opening day. But with a partner as Easyrack your shop fitting is one thing less you need to worry about. 

Antony De Pauw (bedrijfsleider)

Dranken Geers, the regional beer specialist

dranken geers flesjes

Our beer paradise of more than 700m² must be heaven for each beer lover. You can visit us for a large variety of regional beers, beer presents, waters, sodas, wines and spirits. Our products range changes every month and this requires of course adapted shop shelving.

Easyrack provide us with medium duty shelving with a top level to display the individual bottles.  On the floor level we can stack a high number of cases, which reduces the number of times we have to refill significantly.

In addition we have also installed a number of DATEC shelving to display out beer baskets and presents.  These are finished with beech melamine shelves, this way it integrated smoothly with our existing store layout. For some this might look like a small detail but for us this makes the difference.  

Bert Geers (5e generatie streekbierenspecialist)

Laroy Duvo
Laroy Duvo is known to the general public as distributor of Eukanuba, Iams and Cédé.

We have over 80 employees and our main distribution channels are the numerous garden centers in Belgium.

This requires us on regular basis to deliver shop shelves in one of these garden centers and Easyrack is our preferred partner for this.

The deliveries are on time and as agreed. This is the way it should always be.

Samuel Theys (Merchandising)

Heyerick, all you need for work and building sitesheyerick broeken

“Heyerick”, a family business from the region of Ghent. My wife, I, our kids, kids in law and our employees give daily professional advice to craftsmen from the construction industry.

Now that our infill of the Deurle store has been maximized, we have bought a new store in Eke. Besides the storage area we also have a store section, which is designed and equipped by Easyrack.

We are positively surprised by the new color (alu-grey RAL9006), the color lifted our products to a higher level. And the quality is …TOP! 

Herman Heyerick (zaakvoerder)

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