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EasyRack has a broad experience in arranging DIY stores and Garden Centers. Together with your product know-how, we can make you an offer for your new store layout. You receive a free layout. After your approval we can make a corresponding offer, non-committal naturally

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HINT :You could of course take this to the next level and (re-) build your entire store envisaging a higher revenue and margin.  After an assessment of your products we advise the ideal route through your store. Shop shelves are being fitted along this optimized route and products are placed sales targeted. This way each customer is unknowingly guided via this route, where your products with the highest margin have the best visibility. An exploratory conversation with ED DE KNEGHT, professional store designer, is free of charge. 


Easyrack offers you primarily on online store for your shop shelving. But you can call us for additional information or a custom offer. Or we can even arrange an onsite visit to assist you in person with the design of your shop shelving in case if we don’t sort it out on the phone. Free of charge and non-committall

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Orders above 2250€ are free of charge. For smaller orders we charge 55€/pallet, 77.50€/pallet special dimensions, 1100€/larger then 2m and 35€/parcel. Collection is possible in our warehouse (EasyRack stock, Drieselstraat 150 Oostakker)

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Installation of our shop shelving is guaranteed simple. Manuals can be downloaded from the attached link. They assist you step-by-step, and describe the major focus points.  Try to foresee 2 people, 4 hands make assembling more fluent then 2.

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Not everybody has the time or the possibility to mount the shelving themselves. Therefore EasyRack can provide you a shortlist of assembly firms, which will offer you proper execution and service. On top of that EasyRack has negotiated a standard assembly cost with all of them, so you won’t get any surprises here either

Preferred assembly firm in the BeNeLux : Winkelinterieurbouw

  • Assembly cost : 48€/hour worker
  • Travel expenses: driver at 0,80€/km (distances are calculated based on Google Routeplanner)

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