Galvanised racking SUPER123

METALSISTEM galvanised shelving

rayonnages galvanisés de METALSISTEM

Galvanized Metalsitem racking: SUPER pricing and installed in 123

Galvanized metal racking: EasyRack delivers and installs SUPER123 racks everywhere in Belgium. Their flexibility and carrying capacity are already praised by numerous garden centers.

As an added value these racks are fully galvanized metal which warrants a long life time.  And this at a very economical price.

HINT: Looking for a best-buy image for your store then SUPER123 racks or wired baskets can support that image. These are less expensive then DATEC shop shelving and have as such a direct impact on your bottom line.  As an added value your customers will estimate your products less expensive and increase their “bargain” feeling.